by Young Wolf

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released October 5, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rhys Zacher at Spinlight Studios



all rights reserved


Young Wolf Newcastle, Australia

5 Piece Emotive Hardcore outfit from Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: The Young Wolf
Kick the stool
Burn all bridges
A catalyst for your best interests
A useless tool on the surface
Emotionless so bring the hatred
That you swore you would bring before
The welcome feeling, an open door
Presents itself to you
Your altered versions of the truth alone
You will live and die alone
So think of home
When your moving away from your being
Your existence is a formality
Pick up your teeth your alone
So think of home
Fuck all your friends they're all gone

Your mind is harbouring your weakness
The more you know the less you love
Your mind is harbouring your weakness
Our war
All out war

You never will learn that your life is in pieces
You never will learn that you cannot complete
You can try and try and try and fail
You never will learn that youll live and die alone
Track Name: Blind Spot ft. Lewis Armstrong
I tried to write a letter
I tried to write a poem
I tried to write a message to explain it all
But no mater the form, the words never seem right to me
Lets talk to the present
Sick of the past
Sick of the memories
Of why we couldnt last
But my throat is dry and i choke on my own words

All i ever wanted was to see you
And when i can, life fucks it up again

At times i believe i think to much
About what happened and what i shouldve done
I shouldve said those words you were hoping to hear
And stuck by you through thick and thin
At times i want to scream i'm sorry
I still owe you a proper apology
I now know what i shouldve done
But its to late you loaded the gun

But its to late ive come undone

And i hope that i will see you again
Your stories open, ours is forming an end
I spent my life walking above open graves
And i am sorry for my pessimist ways
Sat out in the cold, what happened to the hours
Fleeting past without a care in the world
And from the start
I’m in your blind spot and i’m falling apart

At times i find it
Too hard to live without you
Cause these days theres just silence its to loud to bare
Its just grabbing and clawing at the love that is there
And ive done everything to try and fix it
And after all ive done i still miss it
Ive reached a dead end on the road i know its time to let you go
Oh i have tried
Ive tried
Track Name: Mavericks
A man on the back burner
Lately he’s being seeing ghosts
Mostly he’s afraid
As they echo through his home
He’s just trying to get some sleep
This is not what he wanted to be
Exchanging words no one wanted to hear
In his mind he knew no one could see
That all he wanted
Was a chance, for someone to believe
Won’t someone please believe

Hope can linger
He's not willing to lay down yet
I’m not going to give in yet
Because this promise is all i’ve got
They always told me life would never get the best of me
And i will push myself with a mind that is free
I will die a maverick

This bottle won’t get the best of me
So bittersweet and i’m alone again
But i will live a maverick
Fuck styles
And fuck trends
An open mind and a heart that lends
No limits
And no walls
Embrace the pain you feel through every fall
The only time that you run out of chances
Is when you stop taking them
That man once told me feeling empty and endless
The hurt you feel is only temporary
And i will live a maverick
As long as my hearts still beats
And i will die a maverick
No matter how cold i feel